Huge wave alert at the seaside

Baywatch guards hoisted the red flag at the seaside over the weekend, on grounds of a very agitated sea, powerful wind and huge waves. Bathing has therefore been banned. Some tourists however ignored the warning and entered the sea nonetheless. A 21-year-old tourist from Bacau got drowned on Saturday, when waves were up to 2-metre high. All day long, the guards struggled to save scores of tourists on the verge of getting drowned. Two brothers, age 11 and 13, were about to drown at Mangalia, yet were lucky to be rescued at the last minute, as tourists on the beach saw them and alerted the baywatch guards.

Youngman drowned in Herastrau lake

While in Herastrau Park accompanied by his girlfriend, Saturday evening, a 25-year-old man went for a swim in the Herastrau Lake. After he swam a few hundred metres, he abruptly sank. His girlfriend vainly cried for help. Then, she dialled the emergency number 112. Professional divers arrived at the scene nearly half an hour later, got the youngster out of the water, yet the victim was dead already.

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