UDMR leaders deny allegations on Szekler bank and currency

UDMR leaders chaffed a Social-Democrat MP’s announcement concerning the upcoming creation of a Szekler Land bank and currency. UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday that the intention to set up a “so-called Szekler bank” is “a joke.”

“It’s a joke, not a bank, a joke. One can’t say anything about things that cannot be done and that make no sense,” the UDMR leader stated, being quoted by Mediafax. In his turn, UDMR Vice President Borbely Laszlo stated on Friday in Targu Mures that the initiative concerning the so-called “Szekler Bank” represents for the time being an “exotic” desideratum and that any initiative of this kind will have to respect the Romanian legislation. “It’s an initiative that has to be analyzed, at the level of desideratum for now; it belongs to some Szekler businessmen. Believe me, nobody wants to steal the RON; the RON is strong and it’s holding tough,” he said.

PSD Senator Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Friday during a press conference in Craiova that “Magyar extremists are preparing to issue a currency that is meant strictly for the Szekler Land and that will be dubbed SIC.” Vasilescu criticized the Boc Government for not adopting a position on this. According to Vasilescu, in Harghita, Covasna and Mures counties “Hungarian officials have started to admit that they consider setting up a bank that would be called Siculorum Bes-Bank, a name that comes from the Szekler Land, and that would issue SIC currency.” She also claimed that the mayor of Tusnad issued 3,000 invitations for Saturday, August 27, in order to lay the bases of the Siculorum Bes-Bank.

“This is a direct attack against the Romanian state’s sovereignty because the national currency is one of the state’s sovereign elements, and the moment in which a currency other than the RON appears in a geographic area it’s very clear the Romanian state loses some of its sovereignty there,” Vasilescu stated.

Baile Tusnad Mayor Albert Tibor denied any involvement in the project, stating that he offered a person he knows space within an inn he owns and then found out that a meeting on this issue was about to take place there.

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