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December 2, 2021

Gaddafi still threat for Libya and world, rebels say

Rebel forces focus on occupying the Libyan leader’s stronghold and hometown of Sirte.

TRIPOLI – Col Muammar Gaddafi still poses a danger for Libya and the world, the head of the Libyan rebels has said. National Transitional Council (NTC) head Mustafa Abdul Jalil said NATO and other allies must continue supporting rebels against the “tyrant”, according to BBC News.

The rebels have taken the small town of Nofilia on their way to the Gaddafi stronghold – and hometown – of Sirte.

Col Gaddafi’s whereabouts remain unknown since rebels swept into Tripoli last week, capturing his compound. They already control most of Libya, after months of clashes since the first protests began. Speaking at a meeting of defence chiefs in Qatar, the NTC’s head, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, said Col Gaddafi’s forces could still wage brutal counter-attacks even as rebel forces pushed into the last pockets of resistance by pro-Gaddafi troops. “Gaddafi’s defiance of the coalition forces still poses a danger, not only for Libya, but for the world. That is why we are calling for the coalition to continue its support,” Jalil said at the meeting in Doha. Rebels say they are in talks with Sirte’s tribal elders to avoid bloodshed, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

Aoocrding to CNN, Gaddafi and the majority of his family have not been seen since rebels advanced on Tripoli, and are now being hunted by rebel forces after a six-month revolt backed by Western airpower. But according to ‘Daily Mail,’ Gaddafi has fled to Zimbabwe on a jet provided by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

Rebel fighters picked through his family’s seaside villas on Sunday, finding high-end stereo equipment, hot tubs and wines valued at hundreds of dollars a bottle, despite an official ban on alcohol. They also found a horribly scarred Ethiopian maid, who cared for the children of Gadhafi’s son Hannibal.

The maid, Shwygar Mullah, told CNN that Hannibal Gadhafi’s wife Aline twice expressed her displeasure with her work by scalding her with boiling water – then refused to get her medical attention, leaving her scalp and face covered in a mosaic of scars and raw wounds. In one instance, Aline lost her temper when her daughter wouldn’t stop crying and Mullah refused to beat the child. Another of the Gadhafi household staff, a man from Bangladesh who did not want to be identified, corroborated Mullah’s story and said he also was regularly beaten and slashed with knives.

The allegations by Mullah came the same day that another of Gaddafi’s sons, businessman Saadi Gaddafi, offered to negotiate an end to the war with the rebels. He has made previous offers, though this time it appeared he was prepared to cut loose his father and his brother, once assumed to be the senior Gaddafi’s heir. “If (the rebels) agree to cooperate to save the country together (without my father and Saif) then it will be easy and fast. I promise!” Saadi Gaddafi said in an email to CNN’s Nic Robertson. Saadi Gaddafi said the opposition cannot “build a new country without having us in the table.”

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