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December 1, 2021

Over 160 baccalaureate candidates eliminated for fraud

High school graduates took the first written test – Romanian Language and Literature – yesterday, part of the autumn session of the baccalaureate examination 2011.

By Dan Sapos

A number of 62,348 candidates yesterday took the first written test of the second session of the baccalaureate examination this year. The test subjects were sent under proper security measures to all the examination centres nationwide, and the test started at 9.00 am as scheduled. No fewer than 164 candidates were eliminated from the examination for fraud or attempt to fraud, HotNews.ro quoted Education Ministry sources as saying. Fifteen candidates were expelled from the examination in Bucharest alone, according to centralized data by 11.30 am from the School Inspectorate. They were kicked out of the test for fraud or use of electronic devices, according to Bucharest General School Inspector Cristian Alexandrescu.

Also in Bucharest, eight candidates withdrew their applications to take the examination while in hospital, after the Inspectorate called on the Public Health Department (DSP) to look into the cases.

Alexandru said that, originally, 12 candidates submitted applications to take the exams at home. “Later on, all of them got admitted into the hospital with medical papers and all and asked to be allowed to take the test in hospital instead,” Cristian Alexandrescu explained, who added: “We have asked the DSP for help, since we cannot verify those cases. I don’t know what the investigation concluded or whether the Public Health department opened such investigation; yet, after we asked the Department to help us, only four candidates have not withdrawn their applications to take the baccalaureate exam in hospital,” Cristian Alexandrescu said.

The autumn session of the baccalaureate examination started August 22, with 109,595 registered candidates, nearly 40,000 more than in 2010. Most of them registered for the written tests, which most of them flunked last summer. A number of 945 candidates will take the Native Language Test today, and 78,082, the mandatory profile test, Wednesday. The optional test will be held Sept.2 involving 60,345 candidates. The results will be made public Sept. 7. Oral tests – Romanian Language, native Language, Foreign Language, Digital Abilities – were held August 22-26/
This year saw the lowest pass rate ever from the first session, 50 pc, most of the flunkers eliminated on grounds of fraud. That was also the session with the highest number of contestations and a record number of candidates registered in the second session.

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