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April 12, 2021

Dozens ‘tortured and killed in Syria detention centres’

DAMASCUS – Amnesty In­ternational has said it believes that at least 88 people have died in detention in Syria during the past five months, according to the BBC. It says those who died, including 10 children, were subjected to beatings, burns, electric shocks and other abuse.

The group says it believes all of those who died were arrested after taking part in anti-government protests. Foreign journalists have been blocked from entering Syria and the reports could not immediately be verified.

The allegations, published in a re­port, come shortly after the Syrian government denied persistent reports of at least one mass grave being un­co­vered in the restive southern city of De­raa. “These deaths behind bars are reaching massive proportions, and appear to be an extension of the same brutal disdain for life that we are seeing daily on the streets of Sy­ria,” said Neil Sammonds, Am­nesty’s re­searcher on Syria. Mean­while, as reports of violent cra­ck­downs on pro-de­mocracy de­mon­stra­tors escalated, activists said they are grow­ing disillusioned waiting for the world to intervene on the crisis in Syria. “We would welcome and want the in­ter­na­­tional com­mu­ni­ty’s support and help. But whether this is hap­­pening or is going to take place or not, Sy­rians are not backing down be­cause we were disappointed again and again,” Syrian political activist Au­sa­ma Monajed said, quoted by CNN.

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