PM Boc wants economic performance from ambassadors

FM Baconschi: ‘Romania demands respect for what it offers.’

Yesterday, PM Emil Boc asked ambassadors present for the yearly diplomacy convention to ‘differentiate between truth and noise’ and speak ‘in all honesty and with professionalism’ when introducing Romania to foreign investors. In his opinion, the partnerships with countries from other parts of the world will need to be sought after in the next period. ‘Romania needs not just to put European funds to good use, but also to stimulate economic relations with the EU members and equally consolidate economic relations with partners from other parts of the world. Especially important in that respect are the steps taken to attract foreign investment to Romania by presenting existing opportunities, including in the context of the reform and re-launch measures taken by the Government’, said the PM.

Boc admits that some of the Romanian missions abroad need ‘a plus of cohesion’ and more ‘trust’. The head of government actually warned the diplomats that their presence abroad was also justified by their ability to find solutions to conclude partnerships between Romanian and foreign investors and he demanded more creativity in the promotion of Romanian export.

The prime-minister expressed his hope that the project for opening business promotion centres in places like New York, Beijing, Moscow, Brussels and other capitals, operating under the oversight of Romanian embassies’ economic offices will be started at last. ‘I think diplomacy can and has a duty to be deeply involved along the line of the foreign action in an effort to consolidate the recovery from crisis and economic upturn. I have in mind both the work in the context of the European agenda which is a highly dynamic one and the action needed in the exercise of economic diplomacy’, said the premier.

Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi in turn reiterated the need to implement a new process of staff recruitment for MAE and to obtain a decision from the Ministry of Economy on the subordination of the network of economic attaches.

‘I hope the Ministry of Economy will finally decide or actually tell the prime-minister if the network of economic counsellors stays with them or moves to MAE, because, indeed, we need more people fast, perhaps a new generation, in parallel with a restructured system for the representation of our global commercial interests’, said Baconschi.

He also said Romania demands respect for what it is and what it offers. ‘On its way to and after accession, Romania has proved that it is capable to manage the responsibilities it has as a member state. For that reason we cannot accept politicised theses of circumstance, which question the rule of law in Romania, just as there should be no double standard in what regards the EU membership’, Baconschi told the ambassadors. The minister further noted that Romania, alongside other countries, adopted the European missions and values, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it demands respect for what it offers. ‘Alongside the other partners we took the mission to protect and strengthen the mechanisms feeding the tangible content of European democracy and solidarity. We are doing that with dignity and conviction, but we demand respect for what we are and what we offer’, said the minister.

Schengen:  “defensive positions” have to be abandoned

The Foreign Affairs Minister also stated that when it comes to its Schengen accession Romania was caught up in the web of intra-European political and diplomatic complexities, and added that “defensive positions” have to be abandoned. “It’s time to abandon defensive positions, to insist more and to be more offensive on the merits of correlation and coordination in order to turn the complexity of European politics in our favour,” he said. “We won’t accept the role of background in the electoral campaigns of xenophobic European politicians, just like we have no prejudice in our relations with European companies interested in the market and opportunities that Romania offers. Reforms in the justice system are irreversible and the results prove it,” Baconschi concluded.

In another interview the Minister gave yesterday, Baconschi stated that he hopes Romania will obtain, at the JAI Council scheduled on September 22, a consensus on its “two-step” accession to the Schengen Area. Nevertheless, he stated he wants to be “cautious” rather than “euphoric” in what concerns the accession.

PM Emil Boc also pointed out that he hopes Romania’s Schengen accession next year will be decided this September, underlining that all sensitivities and subjective or political reserves still exhibited by some European partners have to be counterbalanced.  In his turn, Presidential advisor Leonard Orban told the ambassadors that Romania’s expectations on its accession to the Schengen Area have to be “extremely cautious” and that, in his opinion, a gradual accession is the maximum result Romania can obtain.

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