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September 23, 2020

USL in talks with Oprescu for General Mayor run

PSD’s Executive Committee meeting to discuss today USL’s opinion polls for local elections and the issue of future candidates.

The “great allotment” has started. PSD on one hand and PNL along with PC on the other hand, will each nominate half of the candidates for Bucharest’s General Council. However, the most important battle by far is winning the City Hall which is currently led by independent Sorin Oprescu. In fact, the latter announced his intention to run for another term and USL’s great challenge now is to persuade him to do so under its aegis, offering him its political support in exchange. Talks between the two sides’ representatives are taking place, PSD President Victor Ponta being optimistic that a “partnership for Bucharest” will be formed. “Let’s see if this partnership will come to be, I hope it will. But we haven’t discussed technical issues for now, issues such as Mr. Oprescu’s candidature under the USL banner,” Ponta stated, being quoted by ‘Adevarul’ daily. The USL co-President pointed out that Oprescu should not necessarily join PSD or PNL in order to obtain USL’s political support.

PSD’s Honorary President Ion Iliescu considers that USL should undoubtedly support Sorin Oprescu in the next elections; however he believes that making him a PSD or PNL member would be a significant political error. “I believe we have the duty to support Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu in the next elections. It would be a pity not to support such a candidate, not to use the authority he has earned,” Iliescu stated on Antena 3.

PNL President Crin Antonescu seems to think otherwise however. The PNL leader recently asked the Bucharest General Mayor to adopt USL’s banner in the elections in order to receive the Union’s support in the battle for another term in office.

Commenting on the matter yesterday, Oprescu insisted that he will remain an independent candidate. “I remain in partnership with Bucharesters and that’s all,” he said, according to HotNews. However, he did not totally rule out the possibility of getting support from the USL.

Heated competition over districts 3 and 6

In what concerns the way USL candidates will be allotted in the races for District Mayors, things seems to be somewhat simpler, PSD and ACD (the Alliance between PNL and PC – editor’s note) continue to observe the parity principle included in their protocol.  Thus, according to ‘Adevarul’ daily, it seems USL will back the Mayors already in office in Districts 1, 4 and 5 – Andrei Chiliman (PNL) in District 1, Cristian Popescu-Piedone (PC) in District 4 and Marian Vanghelie (PSD) in District 5. In what concerns the rest of the districts, both PSD and PNL have set their sights on Districts 3 and 6, both parties having candidates there. USL is yet to nominate a candidate for District 2 because it waits to see whether District 2 Mayor Neculai Ontanu, who left PSD for UNPR and who is the top favorite in the next elections, will enter the race for the City Hall.

New electoral game in cluj?

After the partial elections that took place in Neamt and Maramures Counties, another electoral battle is foreshadowed in Cluj, as a consequence of the death of UDMR MP Palfi Mozes Zoltan. Although they announced they will no longer take part in partial elections after the “fraud” seen at the previous partial elections (on August 21 – editor’s note), Opposition representatives could nevertheless enter the electoral competition. “We haven’t nominated the candidate, it’s way too soon for that,” PSD spokesperson Radu Moldovan stated for ‘Adevarul’ daily. He added that the issue will be discussed next Monday during the USL leadership’s meeting. Ruling coalition representatives have not taken a decision in this sense either. “We don’t know what we will do, we haven’t talked about it, we’ll decide within the coalition,” PDL First Vice-President Roberta Anastase stated when asked whether the Democrat-Liberals will come up with their own candidate or whether they will back the one nominated by UDMR. On the other hand, UDMR Cluj President Mate Andras stated that he does not event know whether partial elections will be organized. “I really don’t know, for the time being I’m taking care of the funeral,” Mate Andras stated.

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