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June 27, 2022

Frunda insists: “UDMR has to leave ruling coalition”

UDMR Senator Gyorgy Frunda stated in an interview for ziare.com that his party should have left the ruling coalition immediately after PDL violated its protocol by failing to respect the deadlines set for the adoption of certain laws and the economic relaunch measures. At the same time, he complained of the fact that UDMR members are subjected to “harassment” within the justice system and anticipated that PDL will increasingly distance itself from its ruling coalition partners as the elections approach. “For a long time I believed UDMR should have left the ruling coalition and my opinion is still the same. In the spring we signed a protocol in which we included certain laws, certain measures that the government should have adopted within certain deadlines. Although the National Minorities’ Law was not adopted by the end of June as stipulated in the protocol, and that represented a reason to leave the Coalition as the UDMR President said and as many UDMR Ministers and leaders said, we didn’t take that step,” Frunda stated, being quoted by realitatea.net. The UDMR Senator is also displeased with PDL’s intention to merge local elections with Parliamentary elections next year, a move that in his opinion would mean the violation of the principles of the rule of law and of democracy. “Democracy costs more than dictatorship but its purpose is good governance and a decent life for the citizen,” he pointed out.

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