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June 25, 2022

Renowned surgeon Alexandru Pesamosca has died

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Pesamosca, one of Romania’s most renowned pediatric surgeons, died yesterday at the ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital in Bucharest, where he had spent the last decades of his life. His body was laid in state yesterday at the chapel of the church located in the hospital’s courtyard and today will be moved to the ‘Carol Davila’ Medicine Faculty. According to Gheorghe Burnei, head of the ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital’s orthopedic ward, Dr. Pesamosca may be buried on Saturday in the hospital’s courtyard. “We hope to obtain all permits so that the professor can be buried in the hospital’s courtyard. That’s what he wanted,” Prof. Dr. Burnei stated for Realitatea TV.

On June 18, Dr. Pesamosca was hospitalized within the Floreasca Hospital with cardiac and pulmonary problems. Several days ago he was brought back to ‘Marie Curie.’ “Professor Pesamosca’s wish was to die in the place he loved very much, at his work place, a place that had also become his home,” family members stated for Mediafax.

Professor Pesamosca, an important name in Romanian medicine, was forced to retire. Professor Pesamosca did not leave the ‘Marie Curie’ Children’s Hospital since 1984. Having lost all his family members, the professor was allowed to live in the hospital in which he worked for 60 years. Nicknamed “the Children’s Angel,” Dr. Pesamosca performed approximately 50,000 surgeries in his career, saving the lives of thousands of children whose cases other doctors considered to be hopeless or inoperable. The medical world regrets the death of the renowned surgeon, considering him a landmark and a model that never performed his job for money. The medical interns that Dr. Pesamosca trained in 1984-1985 revealed that they used to call him “Papa Pesi” and that “he infected them with profession.” Health Minister Ladislau Ritli expressed his profound regret, pointing out that Dr. Pesamosca will remain known in the medical world as a reputable surgeon and a respected professor that trained entire generations of doctors.

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