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January 18, 2022

No salary hikes without 3.5 pc growth next year

The hiking of the public sector employees’ salaries next year will depend strictly on the budgetary resources and no promises in this sense will be made in the absence of an economic growth outlook of 3.5 per cent, Premier Emil Boc stated on Monday evening on TVR public television. “If we will have the outlook of respecting the macroeconomic indicators as they are today, we can talk about a more optimistic outlook on the salary law. If these things won’t be confirmed however we won’t have new things, but the issue of lowering the existing salaries won’t be raised. We will cut our coat according to our cloth,” Boc added, underlining that no promises will be made although 2012 will be an elections year. He pointed out that in October the prognosis on which next year’s budget projections will be based will be established with European Commission experts in October.

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