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January 18, 2022

Stelian Tanase claims President Basescu is ill

Presidential spokesperson dismisses claim.

Political scientist and TV producer Stelian Tanase stated in an interview published on Monday by ‘Ring’ daily that some talks he had with persons that are close to the Head of State led him to believe he has health problems. “I know from several sources that he is ill. He’s either unable to drink or unable to sleep, he takes a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, but who can verify something like this? I look upon this kind of news with caution, although he is a heavy drinker because of his rough youth at sea. (…) I know from very important people from the President’s entourage that he is ill, but I can’t state anything else because nobody has clear proof. I believe he is very confused and in a bad condition. He considers us dumb for not understanding his great work,” Tanase stated according to the aforementioned source.

In reply, Presidential spokesperson Valeriu Turcan intervened live on Realitatea TV in order to dismiss the political scientist’s claims. “Mr. Tanase’s statements are ridiculous and in his case I would dare say they represent rather his personal wish, Mr. Stelian Tanase being known as one of the persons that constantly and regularly spread false information about President Traian Basescu. Now I know Mr. Stelian Tanase is gravely ill, he suffers from a common disease – he excessively likes money. But I cannot vouch for this information because I heard it from a person close to him, a person whom I cannot name.” Tanase answered by saying he did not state that President Basescu is ill. “Mr. Tanase, here is your problem: you suffer a lot because President Basescu is very healthy,” Turcan answered. He added that if the President were to have a health problem it would be impossible for the press not to find out about it.

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