Almost 16,500 health workers left the country, twice the 2010 figure

Low salaries and precarious working conditions constantly hike the number of health workers choosing to work abroad. Thus, according to a statistic compiled by the specialists from the Tjobs recruiting website, quoted by, over 16,500 doctors and nurses obtained work contracts in clinics abroad in the first six months of this year. The number of health workers that left the country is twice higher than the one reported in the same period last year, back when only 8,100 health workers chose to work abroad. The aforementioned source claims that senior doctors, who are most sought-after in clinics abroad, may obtain salaries that go up to EUR 14,000 per month, while nurses may earn as much as EUR 2,300 per month. According to the National Statistics Institute, in Romania the net average salary in the health sector goes up to RON 1,200 or less than EUR 300.

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