20 Years Independence

By  Ljupco Arsovski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Romania, Bucharest, September 2011

Republic of Macedonia celebrates 20 years of independence. Macedonia’s new Constitution incorporates, the basic principles, position of the people as well as their rights and obligations in a democratic community.

Macedonia’s main priorities are building a stable economy, as well as association with the European Union and full NATO membership, but above all, the country aspires towards honest and fruitful cooperation with all countries, especially the neighboring ones.

This year Macedonia and Romania celebrate 19 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years from signing the Contract for Friendship in which there is clear and strong wish for strengthening and widening the relations and cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

With expectations of further strengthening of the traditional friendship between Macedonia and Romania, as  two countries that do not have any open issues and are connected by bridges of Macedonians in Romania and Vlachs in Macedonia, it is our great honor to present the statement given by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, His Excellency Gjorgje Ivanov on the occasion of this jubilee.

Statement by the President of the Republic of Macedonia Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

On September 8 the Republic of Macedonia celebrated the Independence Day and we all feel very proud of it. Today we mark 20 years since the day when our citizens clearly expressed their decision to pave their self-reliant and independent path.

Macedonia is often described as a country whose culture has old roots, but still it is a young democracy. However, 20 years as an independent state is a long enough period to say that we are mature, developed and prosperous democratic state. A state which succeeded to draw the contours of its territory in the world and to keep the enthusiasm and energy.

The Republic of Macedonia and its citizens have walked along a path full of challenges. We were faced with a struggle for international recognition, with economic blockades, with wars in the neighbourhood, with a traumatic transformation of the economy, political turmoil, ethnic tensions. Nevertheless, the past 20 years were years of construction. Macedonia is a country respecting the rights of its citizens. A country that enables advancement and opportunity for success of each individual. It can be a real home of all. The Macedonian tradition of ethnic and religious coexistence and cooperation encouraged us on this path to bring unique solutions, solutions that serve as an example for other countries in the region. Macedonia accepted its wealth of diversity as an asset in building a common state.

We are all united in celebrating the anniversary of independence with all Macedonians, with all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, and all those living in other countries around the world. I am particularly proud that for the first time we have representatives of the Ma­cedonian Diaspora in the Assembly. I hope that this symbolic but also substantial novelty will help become more united.

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