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August 13, 2022

Andreea Paul Vass and Sulfina Barbu vie over leadership of PDL’s Women’s Organization

Andreea Paul Vass, Premier Emil Boc’s advisor, wants to run for President of PDL’s Women’s Organization. Vass stated that courage, action and performance define her and that she wants to give the Democrat-Liberal women the message of strengthening the party once again through dynamism and free, authentic and powerful competition. Vass pointed out that she is still working on her slogan, underlining that it is clear that “the Democrat-Liberal woman is a right-wing woman.” “Even Traian Basescu sees in strengthening the women’s organization a solution for reforming the party,” she added, quoted by Mediafax. In what concerns the President’s statement that women’s organization should look for a leader like Margaret Thatcher, Andreea Paul Vass pointed out that Vass, her maiden name, means “iron” in Hungarian, referring to the fact that Margaret Thatcher was nicknamed “Iron Lady.” Shortly after Andreea Paul Vass’s announcement, Sulfina Barbu pointed out that the idea of a competition is “welcome and the women’s organization will stand to win from it.” According to realitatea.net, she allegedly stated that “President Basescu did not think about Mrs. Vass when he made the analogy with Margaret Thatcher.” Elections within the PDL’s Women’s Organization will take place on October 15.

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