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January 28, 2023

CNAS under Health Ministry’s coordination

The Government decided via an emergency ordinance Wednesday that the Health Ministry will become a coordinator of the activity of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), an institution which remains autonomous and will keep its statute of credit releasing authority. The Ministry will have the right to pass the draft revenue and spending budget and normative acts originated by the CNAS, as well as the activity plan, Health Minister Ritli Ladislau said. The Health Ministry will also have control duties of national tenders for medicines and county health insurance houses.

Government wants to keep health insurance contribution for pensions higher than RON 740

The ruling coalition will keep the health insurance contribution for pensions higher than RON 740, a contribution that the Lower Chamber’s Labor Commission had initially rejected. The emergency ordinance that introduces this contribution will be sent back to the Commission, Premier Emil Boc stated. “I am convinced that the ruling coalition has the capacity to solve the problem by sending it (the emergency ordinance – editor’s note) back to the Commission and maintaining the expenditures under control. Romania cannot afford any kind of excess, of side-step from the path she is on. As unpleasant as it may be, this is the reality,” Boc stated after the government meeting. The Premier’s statement came after the Lower Chamber’s Labor Commission rejected, by 9 votes against 8, the emergency ordinance that stipulated that the recipients of pensions ranging from RON 740 to RON 1,000 should pay a 5.5 per cent health insurance contribution.

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