Flutur: PDL should be the catalyst of People’s Movement

Yesterday, at Vicovu de Sus (Suceava), PDL First Vice-President Gheorghe Flutur spoke for the first time about this new movement, stating that PDL had the moral obligation to be a catalyst of a right-wing pole, of a People’s Movement designed as a counter-weight for the ‘Populist Socialist Movement’. Flutur said that PNL could also be eligible for a discussion with PDL, with right-wing forces that want the modernisation of Romania, if it escapes its current USL ‘imprisonment’. According to Realitatea TV, the State Office for Inventions and Trade Marks issued a ‘provisional refusal’ opinion on the registration of the ‘People’s Movement’ mark applied for by the president eldest daughter, Ioana Basescu, in April.

On the other hand, PDL spokesman Sever Voinescu told a press conference yesterday that he did not believe in a re-branding of PDL ‘without a change of substance’. ‘Generally, I don’t believe the re-branding is successful if it is just a fresh coat of paint on an old fence’, Voinescu said, according to Mediafax. Asked if by that he also meant replacing Emil Boc as PDL president, Voinescu said ‘changing the party leadership is out of the question now’. On the other hand, the PDL vice-president said in the ‘Gandul Interviews’ that when he referred to Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher at the PDL Youth Summer School, President Basescu actually told the Democrat Liberals that they don’t have a leader and that they need ‘leaders of strong convictions’. Asked if Tourism Minister Elena Udrea was a leader of strong convictions, Voinescu answered that she is ‘a resilient politician’ and that ‘many men would have abandoned’ the fight in her place. Voinescu added that, in his opinion, Leonard Orban was in a ‘very good position’ to become Minister of European Funds.

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