French satirical show mocks Romanians

A French satirical show mocked Romanians on Tuesday, ahead of the football game that France and Romania played on the National Arena, stating that they are lousy, dirty and beggars, gandul.info informs. During the show broadcast by Canal+, two puppets stated that the Romanians are lousy beggars. “I’m not sure the game will start because when the referee throws the coin in the air there is no certainty it will fall back to ground with all those Romanians there,” one of the puppets said when asked if the French will win the game. “It’s known that the national sport in Romania isn’t football, it’s begging,” he added. “We have to avoid direct contact with the Romanians because they have lice,” the puppet added.
This is not the first time French comedians ridicule Romania. Five months ago, on April 16, Jonathan Lambert, a well-known French comedian, did the gestures of a beggar and presented it as the “Romanian salute.” The French comedian’s gesture sparked heated debates in the two countries, being interpreted as being insulting to Romanians.

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