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July 3, 2022

Earthquakes not a danger for Rosia Montana project

Dragos Tanase, general manager of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC), has addressed an open letter to Gheorghe Marmureanu, Honorary Director of the National Institute for Earth Physics, asking him to meet the mining project’s experts in order for them to prove that his fears and accusations in what concerns the project’s safety are absolutely baseless, the document remitted to the editorial office shows. The letter explains in detail the safety of the tailings dam in Rosia Montana, considering it 100 times safer than other tailings dams in the world. This dam was designed “to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake simultaneously with a maximum downpour in 24 hours,” the letter adds. At the same time, in the report titled ‘Evaluating the risks associated with the Corna tailings dam system,’ a prestigious team of researchers from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) took into account all possible risks that could have a negative impact on the dam. Moreover, the technical documents were analyzed and approved by the National Commission for the Safety of Dams, and the Environment Ministry issued a permit for the Corna tailings dam on the basis of that approval. Likewise, the earthquake study was authored by Knight Piesold and was reviewed by SNC-Lavalin and by Romanian experts from the Technical Constructions University and the Ipromin SA Mining Institute. The letter also points out that in what concerns “the introduction of a general interdiction on mining based on the use of cyanide, the European Commission considers that this is not justified by environment protection or health concerns.”
The Rosia Montana project will strictly respect Romanian and European legislation and will implement new standards at global level so that it will be a model of modern mining, Dragos Tanase concluded.

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