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May 12, 2021

Aurescu: The missile shield will make our world a safer place

State secretary Bogdan Aurescu said that installing the missile shield in Europe, as part of NATO’s future missile defense system, will contribute to increasing the security of the whole continent. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), quoted by Mediafax, Aurescu made the statement during the conference on ‘Ballistic Missile Defense and European Security,’ organised by the ‘George C. Marshall’ European Center for Security Studies of Germany. The Romanian official was invited to present Romania’s vision on developing NATO’s missile defense capacity and the US missile shield, a week after the signing of the accord with the USA. “The accord represents the first such legal instrument fully negotiated and signed within the US project of the European Phased Adaptive Approach to Missile Defense, launched by President Obama in September 2009,” Aurescu said. In the context, he explained that “Romania’s decision to host elements of the missile defense system express our country’s constant commitment to the principles of indivisible security and allied solidarity.” He also insisted upon the strictly defensive character of the system that will be installed at the Deveselu base, saying that it can only be used for legitimate defense purposes, in line with the provisions of the UN Charter, as provided by the Romanian-US agreement. “Developing the missile defense system does not answer only the security concerns of Romania and the USA, but of all NATO members and of its partners all over the world.” “To put it shortly, the missile defense will make our world a safer place,” he explained.

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