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December 2, 2021

Johnny Raducanu laid to rest

Celebrated musician Johnny Raducanu was buried yesterday afternoon in the Cernica Monastery cemetery, jurnalul.ro reports. The musician’s body was laid on Tuesday, around 11.25, at the Sf. Silvestru Church in Bucharest, where his friends and family could pay their respects. The religious service took place in the same church, but only the artist’s family and close friends could attend it. In fact, Johnny Raducanu’s family wanted a discrete burial ceremony, respecting, it would appear, the artist’s dying wishes. Those who came to the Sf. Silvestru to say their farewells to Johnny Raducanu included Theodor Paleologu, Andrei Plesu, Ion Caramitru, Stelian Tanase, Razvan Mazilu, Ozana Barabancea and Rodica Mandache. On the other hand, several public figures and institutions sent funeral wreaths to the Sf. Silvestru Church. Thus, the president Traian Basescu sent a wreath bearing the message “Heartfelt condolences”, signed “Traian Basescu, the president of Romania”. Johnny Raducanu died on Monday morning, aged 79, in his Bucharest studio, from a cardio-respiratory arrest. The physicians tried to resuscitate him for about an hour, but to no avail.

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