Parties led by Becali, Dan Diaconescu and Vadim Tudor, part of the People’s Movement?

Following President Basescu’s statement last week, suggesting that the idea of a people’s movement needs to start being introduced in preparation of a possible alliance, admitting to that being the reason of his asking his daughter to have the name registered with OSIM, rumours about the composition of the future movement have flooded the market. The list reportedly contains, apart from PDL and UNPR, Dan Diaconescu’s newly-registered party (the People’s Party) or the New Generation Party shepherded by FC Steaua owner Gigi Becali. The Democrat-Liberal leaders hesitate to give details about the planned movement, yet unofficially it is known tat former Labour Minister Sebastian Lazaroiu and sitting FM Teodor Baconschi have been entrusted with the project of creating a political movement around PDL, the name of which will be the People’s Movement. PDL Prime Vice-President Teodor Baconschi actually notes in a blog post that his political project ‘is called PDL’, adding, however, that he can see the need for an ample people’s movement and that he watches with sympathy all civil society movements leading in that direction.

Gigi Becali has declared himself ready to work with PDL and even proposed to include Greater Romania Party led by Corneliu Vadim Tudor in the himself ‘I am the first. I am the first to cooperate with PDL. (…) I think I will try to attract Mr. Vadim, my comrade, into this People’s Movement as soon as possible’, Becali said on Realitatea TV. As far as Vadim Tudor is concerned, while initially refusing to co-operate with the power, he later on left a door open. ‘I have nothing personal against Traian Basescu. If he phones me, in a first instance I will ask ‘Who’s that?’ ‘Maestro’ as he calls me, and I will say I am not at home. He will phone again the following day and then we make up’, C.V. Tudor said, according to the same TV channel. Some PDL leaders such as Vice-President Toader Pelologu are more circumspect about the project exactly because it would bring under the same umbrella second class parties. ‘The idea of a broader people’s movement is good, it’s actually excellent. But whom are we going to bring together? I cannot really see many. PNTCD, a few NGOs – I’ve heard this version, too. I would like to also have people from the civil society concerned about the environment and things of this sort, in the local administration and, why not, in Parliament, but, for now, this idea lacks substance’, Rea­litatea.net quotes Paleologu as having said.

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