PM Boc: No sign of better days in Europe and the world at large

The Govt’s strategic target is to turn Romania into an agri-food exporter exporter.

Attending the proceedings of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL)’s National Committee for Agriculture, the prime-minister Emil Boc argued on Saturday “there is no sign of better days to come in Europe and the world at large” as far as the economy is concerned. The premier presented the general economic context and its effects on Romania and argued we didn’t need “Nobel Prize laureates” coming and telling us what needs to be done to create jobs, Mediafax reports.

“Instead of looking up, things in the world have got worse and there is no sign of any improvement in the near future,” the prime-minister added. He referred to the austerity measures adopted by Romania long before other states, which “put an end to [our country’s] plummeting trend”, reports.

“Last year we put an end to Romania’s plummeting trend towards economic collapse, with heavy costs for the Romanian people. (…) If Romania had not taken these measures, today the country’s budget deficit would have amounted to -14 pc. Instead it now amounts to -4.4 pc, that is, a difference of nearly 10 pc,” Boc explained during the Calarasi meeting.

According to the prime-minister, Romania is now on growth mode, at around 1.5 pc, has a budget deficit it can cover and the economic growth forecast for 2012 will be set by mid-October.

“Under normal circumstances, our economic growth rate for 2012 should have amounted to 3.5 to 4 pc. Unfortunately, the crisis is being re-evaluated in Europe and across the world given recent economic troubles. We will conduct a similar re-evaluation alongside our European partners and then we will forward the budget to Parliament within the economic growth parameters we obtain. Thus, rest assured the budget deficit will be under 3 pc and Romania will take an even lower loan in 2012 compared to 2011,” Boc stated.

The head of the Cabinet further claimed that domestic economy was headed in the right direction, having investments and jobs as its main targets. He went on to argue that the Government’s strategic target was to turn Romania from a country that imports agricultural produce to an exporter thereof.

The prime-minister further stated that the payment of the subvention per farming surface and the modification of the Land Register Law were two priority problems on the Government’s agenda.

Boc added that the Cabinet also envisaged for 2012 a national programme for fruit and vegetables storehouses, arguing that existing storehouses only cover approx. 20 pc of storage needs.

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