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October 16, 2021

Horatiu Malaele and Marian Crisan, nominated for 2011 Prometheus awards

The actor Horatiu Malaele and the director Marian Crisan are among the nominees for the 2011 Prometheus awards, in the Opera Omnia and, respectively, Opera Prima category. The awards, offered every year by the Anonimul Foundation, reward exceptional Romanian artists from the fields of literature, music, visual arts and performing arts. The Prometheus Opera Omnia grand prize is worth RON 100,000, while the Opera Prima award consists in RON 10,000. Three other prizes, worth RON 10,000 each, will be awarded to the finalists competing for the Prometheus Opera Omnia grand prize. This year, the finalists for the Opera Omnia category are Paul Cornea (literature), Cristian Mandeal (music), Sorin Ilfoveanu (visual arts), Horatiu Malaele (performing arts). On the other hand, the contenders for the Opera Prima award are Val Chimic (Valentina Chirita) (literature), Mihai Ritivoiu (music), Alexandru Niculescu (visual arts) and Marian Crisan (performing arts).

The winners will be announced on October 19 in a gala to take place at Bucharest’s Prometheus Club.

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