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September 22, 2019

Tiriac: ‘I hope we’ll do better in 2014’

Businessman Ion Tiriac believes that the recovery from recession will come later than anticipated initially, but there is also place for optimism, Money.ro reports. “I hope we will be better in 2014,” Tiriac said on Realitatea TV. “I was wrong. I said we would get past the crisis in 2012. This won’t happen in 2012. Everybody should be prepared to carry it some more time, because there is nothing else to do.” “Let’s hope this crisis will not hit us again. We are dependent, the whole world, of the United States. Everything that goes on there, happens in Europe too, after 6 months or 3 months, and everything that happens in Europe occurs 2 months earlier in Romania. America is a very rich country, a country that is used to crises. They have a huge advantage: they print the money. When they need money, they print some more and get deeper into debts. It might happen that the hopes of the human kind will not become true as fast or as good as we all expected. On the other hand, the World is heading toward a time when population will double within 30 years. This is a big question. What will happen to water, with energy? But this is far away from us,” Ion Tiriac said.

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