Basescu summoned to the Anti-Discrimination Council

The president Traian Basescu was summoned before the National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD), which initiated an investigation into statements the head of state made recently on a TV channel concerning the royal family and its potentially disabled heirs. The CNCD investigation was requested by an NGO and by Social-Democrat MP Olguta Vasilescu. “We were notified and we’ve already initiated the procedure. The Romanian president was subpoenaed for next week,” sources within CNCD stated, quoted by Mediafax. While invited on the talk-show “Ultimul Cuvant” on B1 TV, broadcasted on September 22, 2011, the Romanian president made the following statement: “I am persuaded 80 pc of Romanians want to be able to elect their head of state. This may be good or bad, but at least they know they can replace him. What can you do if you’re stuck with a leader for life, let alone one who is to be succeeded by his heirs? What if one of these happens to be disabled, what are you going to do? Be stuck with him as the head of state?” The president was the object of another CNCD investigation in May 2007, after an argument in which he insulted a young woman, a reporter, using the terms “pussy” and “filthy gypsy”.

The spokesman for the Presidency, Valeriu Turcan, stated yesterday that the notifications filed to the National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD) were politically motivated. “Both bodies represent the interests of the parties behind them,” Turcan stated, quoted by Mediafax. The latter added that “the two associations” would become increasingly more visible in the political sphere as the electoral campaign draws near. Turcan stated that the Presidential Administration would forward a written response to CNCD.

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