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February 4, 2023

Most Romanians, waiting for authorities to provide better life

Less than a quarter of the Romanians are willing to “fight” on their own for a better life, while most are resigned or waiting for the Government and authorities to come up with solutions, according to a poll conducted by the market research company GfK, presented yesterday in a seminar on retail. The poll indicates that eight out of 10 Romanians do not have the drive to make their lives better.

The authors of the study divided the respondents into three categories, namely, the “ailing” – those who think that hope and salvation can only come from the Government/ authorities and that it is not within their power to do anything to change their life for the better – the “fighters”, who are willing to take chances in hope of a better life and are striving on their own to make this happen, and the “prisoners”, those who have lost all hope and are resigned with their fate.

67 pc of the Romanians fall within the “ailing” category, which includes mainly people over 50, medium educated, pensioners, with medium and low incomes. 14 pc of the Romanians were included in the “prisoners” category, most of them over 60 or under 20, boasting medium education at best, unemployed and with low incomes. Only 21 pc of the respondents were ranked among the “fighters”, a category including mainly young people, up to 40, with medium and higher education and medium-to-high incomes.

GfK also analyzed the way the past three years were reflected in the people’s consciousness, concluding that the enthusiastic frame of mind of 2008 was replaced by psychological shock in 2008 to 2009, followed by a time of adjustment in 2009-2010, as Romanians adapted their living standards and consumption strategy, giving way to frustration, indignation and pessimism in 2010-2011, as those hoping things would look up were finally disenchanted.

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