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September 29, 2020

New revelations in ‘Vasile Avram’ case

By Mihai George

‘Gazeta Sporturilor’ published on Thursday, on the same day in which the Bucharest Court analyzed the appeal filed by the lawyers of former Central Commission of Referees (CCA) President Vasile Avram, large excerpts of the phone tap transcripts that the National Anti-Corruption Office (DNA) prosecutors included in the file. The file contains the transcripts of several phone conversations that Avram had with various club leaders, including Dinamo Bucharest owner Cristi Borcea and FC Vaslui owner Adrian Porumboiu. The prosecutors wrote that the two “ordered around” the chief of the referees.

In an almost unbelievable conversation with Borcea, Avram tries to explain the decisions which his son Valentin, a linesman in League I, took in an August 21 game that pitted Sportul Studentesc against Dinamo.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript of the conversation that Borcea had with Avram:

“Borcea: Yes… You know what he told Torje (Dinamo striker at that time – editor’s note)?

Avram: What?

Borcea: He told him “Shorty, you’d better not fall in the box because I won’t rule a penalty even if it’s really a fault! I’ll show you the yellow card!”

Avram: No, I don’t believe it… OK, you have to understand them too, as referees they can’t just… They have to be a bit… to scare them… Torje is also good at feigning, you have to understand. Anyway, you saw that in the second half he allowed you non-stop, [expletive]! Right?

Borcea: yes, yes, yes!”

During the same conversation, Vasile Avram congratulated Cristi Borcea for the victory and asked him if the refereeing pleased him. Dinamo’s owner asked for more penalties ruled in favour of his team.

Avram’s arrest is creating a veritable domino effect in the Romanian world of football. FC Vaslui owner Adrian Porumboiu made a series of revelations from the time his team was coached by Dorinel Munteanu, title holder Otelul Galati’s current head coach. “Three or four years ago Dorinel Munteanu asked EUR 50,000 from me in order to buy a game against UTA. He wanted to bribe five UTA players. I told him I can’t do that and several legs later he left the team. I explained this at the commissions but nobody paid attention to me,” Porumboiu stated for gsp.ro.

Dorinel Munteanu reacted immediately: “I respected him; I really don’t understand why he keeps talking about me. He is probably under great pressure. I don’t want to comment further. DNA has to do its job,” Dorinel Munteanu stated for sport.ro.

After accusing referee Hategan of receiving EUR 150,000 in order to rule a penalty in League I, Steaua owner Gigi Becali came up with new revelations. “There are characters that had close ties with referees throughout time, characters that always threw EUR 10,000 around. These ties will exist all the time and Craciunescu (new CCA President – editor’s note) cannot eliminate them either. For example, this season Istvan Kovacs (referee – editor’s note) was ordered to execute Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid and Vaslui,” Gigi Becali stated for Digi Sport.

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