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December 1, 2021

“Full service operational lease market offers very interesting growth opportunities”

Martin Brix, Financial Director at LeasePlan Romania:

How do you perceive being part of the LeasePlan team? Tell us a few highlights of your career here.

I have been working for LeasePlan for many years in different countries. I joined Romanian team in the first few months of its existence and my role was to define key processes in Finance, Risk and ICT areas.  LeasePlan has a quite complex business model so I admit that the implementing was sometimes challenging, but our commercial success is a satisfaction for us.  However we would never achieve it without strong and committed team.

What would be the particularities of the Romanian market?

Full service operational lease market offers very interesting growth opportunities. It is not only because of the speed in which the market is growing but also because of the absolute size.

Indeed it is not easy to deal with certain local market specifics – like currency risks for instance – but this does not mean that the market becomes less interesting because of that.

What are the opportunities here in Romania for LeasePlan, which have yet to be followed?

Operational lease concept is currently known mainly to the multinational companies who have experiences with similar products from abroad. Therefore these companies are mainly present in our portfolio. In the future we would like to try to convince the locally owned companies about the advantages of operational lease and fleet management. We see there an interesting potential since the share of operational lease in this segment is much higher in Western Europe.

Does LeasePlan have any specific approach for the Romanian clients – dedicated pro­ducts, etc?

We should be able to have a solution for everyone, depending on specific priorities. Either it is a client who wants to have lowest costs possible on the long term (PartnerPlan) or client who would like to have a fixed price for the entire lease term to allow easier cost budgeting (ComfortPlan) or client who want only fleet management from us (OwnerPlan). We also have a number of special – client related – solutions in our portfolio for those who requested us to cover more services, than are included in our standard offer.

Would you say that Romanian managers have yet to be more informed in terms of leasing knowledge, especially its benefits?

We see quite often that our quotes are measured by only one single criterion – price. We always try to explain to our clients that it is very important to understand what services are behind the quoted price. Therefore we developed a number of tools helping our clients to compare their internal costs with costs for outsourcing to a professional supplier. Unfortunately we sometimes notice that companies have difficulties in finding out what are their total costs of ownership. This might then lead to wrong decisions causing too high costs for fleet management.

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