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August 13, 2022

Dispute between Social-Democrats over EP economic package

Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana, a prominent member of the opposition Social-Democrat Party (PSD) drew his party colleagues’ ire when praising a package of economic measure adopted by the European Parliament. Geoana described the EP vote as a “historic” one, although the Socialist group and the PSD delegation to the assembly voted against the package. The measures were adopted with votes from the European People’s Party and the Liberal group, according to Mediafax.

In a blog post called “Europe changes tone. What do we do?” Geoana said the new measures increase member states’ capacity of coordination and transparency and demands more responsibility from eurozone countries, also introducing sanctions for those states that report fake statistics.

In reply, MEP Corina Cretu, vice president of the PSD, criticised on her own blog Geoana’s comments on the EP economic governance programme, underlining that the measures are not serving Romania’s interests.

“If PSD takes power, this rigid budget framework controlled from Brussels according to bureaucratic criteria, will prevent it from enforcing its governing programme. Is budgetary orthodoxy more important than economic revival and creating new jobs? I think not!”  Cretu wrote.

The MEP explained that European Socialists voted against the EP package because they are not convinced that the measures provided can actually solve member states’ economy problems. “Moreover, [the resolution] will add more bureaucracy and some of its provisions can turn out to be penalties for some member states, deepening the problems they faced. The logic behind this austerity is that of austerity that can sole all problems. But this is in blatant contradiction with the reality of austerity programmes, that aggravated the state of economy in countries such as Greece,” Cretu added.

On the other hand, also in a blog post, Democrat Liberal MEP Cristian Preda accused the opposition Social Liberal Union of not “sticking together” in Strasbourg, as PSD voted against the EP resolution, while the Liberals voted in favour. PSD MEPs’ leader Catalin Ivan replied by accusing Preda of “hypocrisy” and underlined that the measures provided in the resolution refer to the eurozone, which Romania is not part of.

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