UMDR lawmaker tries to heavily amend ANI law

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) Deputy Marton Arpad filed several amendments to the National Integrity Agency (ANI) functioning law, attempting to eliminate articles that allow integrity inspectors to find out information about dignitaries’ wealth and to sanction them, ‘Romania libera’ reported. Marton proposed the elimination of an article providing that all candidates to public office have to file wealth statements. Another change desired by the UDMR MP is to no longer have a three-year ban from office for dignitaries who are incompatible with their position or whose wealth statements do not reflect the truth. Moreover, Marton also proposed that wealth statements no longer be available to the public, on ANI’s website. He explained that his amendments are meant to remove from the law articles declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. In reply, ANI general secretary Horia Georgescu said the amendments would practically be the equivalent of dismantling the agency. “We will not be able to demand access to any kinds of documents, we would not be able to enforce sanctions in cases of conflict of interests and incompatibility and the wealth statements would not be public,” Georgescu said, being quoted by ‘Romania libera.’

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