More than half the Ministers graduated from second-tier universities

According to the universities’ new classification grid, quoted by realitatea.net, only a small number of the Ministers currently in office studied in the country’s best universities. Thus, three Ministers completed their studies in third-tier universities: Sulfina Barbu, Elena Udrea and Traian Igas. Elena Udrea graduated from Bucharest’s ‘Dimitrie Cantemir’ University, a private university. Traian Igas graduated from Arad’s ‘Aurel Vlaicu’ University and ‘Vasile Goldis’ University. Sulfina Barbu graduated from the Ecological University, a private university. Over half of the Boc Government’s members graduated from second-tier universities. Only six Ministers graduated from top universities: Prime Minister Emil Boc, Deputy Prime Minister Marko Bela, Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu, Culture Minister Kelemen Hunor and Health Minister Ladislau Ritli.

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