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November 29, 2022

UDMR against administrative reorganization before 2012

“If they go on with it anyway, it will be done without the Union, as UDMR will not accept options proposed so far,” Kelemen Hunor said.

The president of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, stated at the end of last week, in Arad, while attending the commemorative manifestations of the Hungarian community, that administrative reorganization would not be implemented before 2012 and, that should it be implemented, “it will be done without the Union”, as UDMR does not accept the options proposed so far. “I think an administrative reform should take place at the beginning of the electoral cycle, not at the end of a term, that is why everything we have discussed and seen does not hold at the moment,” the UDMR leader stated, quoted by Mediafax, adding that the turning of counties into mega-counties or the turning of development regions into counties would be a mistake. “The drawing of European funds is a poor argument, it is not because of the present make-up of counties or problems in the county administration that we failed to draw funds or drew so little funds. I propose that we hold the debates and draft the bills, but we should postpone the decision until after the elections, because, even if we reached a consensus, we wouldn’t have the time to implement the project and it would all wreak an administrative havoc, which the citizens could do without,” Kelemen added.

Democrat-Liberals stand their ground, however. PDL leader, the prime-minister Emil Boc, claims that the administrative reorganization remains one of the party’s priorities. “The party (e.n. PDL) leaders have a mandate for negotiations within the coalition and we will make the necessary clarifications. We don’t discuss the solutions in the media, we discuss them within the coalition, as it’s only normal,” Boc stated, refraining from commenting on UDMR’s stand on the administrative reform.

Social-Democrats applauded the UDMR representatives’ decision to put the territorial reorganization debate on hold. The announcement was made by the spokesman for the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), Ralu Moldovan, who criticized PDL’s manner of implementing policies, which PSD refuses to condone.

Borbely: new talks on minorities’ statute

Whereas the administrative reform is not a priority for UDMR, the National Minorities Statute is something else altogether. After the procrastinations and stalling they faced repeatedly, both in Parliament and within the ruling coalition, UDMR decided to bring up the bill once again. The more so as the term by which the Parliament should have adopted the national minorities law (e.n. June 30) expired. Thus, according to the deputy president of UDMR Laszlo Borbely, representatives of the Union insist on the adoption of the law concerning the status of national minorities and have resumed talks on this matter with their partners in the coalition. “The minorities’ statute is a commitment of the coalition, which should have been met by June 30. The deadline was not met and we resumed talks. There are in fact two or three matters which need to be clarified. (…) Our colleagues should come out and say what is yet to be clarified and we insist that the law be adopted by the Legislative,” Borbely argued.

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