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January 23, 2022

Is the New Republic the Snow White?

Until the Popular Movement takes shape, another movement, “Noua Republica” (the New Republic) has been launched recently, with Mihail Neamtu, a person close to the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), among the originators.

The information was revealed after Sebastian Lazaroiu, former presidential adviser and labour minister, hailed the new platform in a letter posted on the “Noua Republica” website. “Dear Mihai, when we sat on the bank of the Danube two months ago and told you that Snow White is imperative, I didn’t believe it will happen so fast. I salute your initiative launched by The New Republic. I think this is the strongest signal of the need for change,” Lazaroiu says.

“I believe you too are aware how hard is to defeat the inertia of a system built on an unfair order aimed at preserving the privileges of the few at the expense of the majority. I believe you realize how hard it is to fight against demagoguery, populism and an aped democracy surrounding some fake budgets,” Lazaroiu also said, who warns Neamtu: “They will tell you that you are naïve, you are young, that you are trying to create an image for yourself. They will mock you, they will make you a laughing stock. But these are but words, Mihai”.

‘The New Republic” was launched in late September, with Mihail Neamtu saying during a Hotnews interview he contemplates transforming the initiative into a political party that might run in the election next year. “Many friends in the platform already speak, enthusiastically and without much planning, about a new party. We are open to it. We have gathered over one thousand registrations in 72 hours…,” Neamtu said.

Along with Lazaroiu, Neamtu is the founding member of the Blogary Association, on which website the former presidential adviser foretold the emergence of a new party on the political scene, which he metaphorically called ‘Snow White’. Mihail Neamtu published on “The New Republic” website an acrostic that forms the words “Snow White”.

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