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February 3, 2023

PSD calls for Teodor Baconschi’s ‘immediate dismissal’

The Foreign Minister came in for harsh criticism from the Social-Democrats for his statement arguing that “it is important that PDL be backed by a working rather than a begging Romania”. Baconschi claims the turn of phrase was in fact “a metaphor”.

Social-Democrats call once again on President Traian Basescu and prime-minister Emil Boc to remove the Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi from office. This time, the cause for discontent is the statement made by the Democrat-Liberal minister this weekend in Pitesti, arguing that “it is important that the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL) be backed by a working Romania rather than begging Romania”.

“Given the unprecedented gravity of the matter, Teodor Baconschi’s statements are utterly and irrevocably impossible to reconcile with his quality as Foreign Minister, which is why we call on president Traian Basescu and prime-minister Emil Boc to remove him immediately and unconditionally from this office. We believe there is no diplomatic, political or moral argument which could be invoked in favour of a compromise,” a release remitted yesterday by the Social-Democrat Party (PSD), quoted by HotNews, reads.

According to the Social-Democrats, through his statement, the Foreign Minister “brought an outrageous and unwarranted offence to the dignity” of millions of Romanians, whether they live and work in Romania or abroad.

“Through these outrageous and shameful statements, Teodor Baconschi did nothing but voice the creed and option of PDL, a party whose disastrous term in government bereft the overwhelming majority of the Romanians of any hope for a better life or forced them to seek a better life working abroad. Or, it is precisely the vote of these ‘beggars’ that Teodor Baconschi is trying to win or, rather, to buy or rig in his party’s interest, through the widely-disseminated project of the vote by mail,” the Social-Democrats further stated.

Teodor Baconschi’s reply was not long in coming. The senior deputy president of PDL explained yesterday on his blog that the phrase “a begging Romania” was “a metaphor” and referred to “a minority which is waiting for the welfare state to provide for them”, to citizens who allow themselves to be bought off for two meatballs or a bucket (e.n. a hint at bribes offered during the election campaigns). “The ‘begging’ Romania is by no means 50 pc of the population: it’s a minority which is waiting for the welfare state to provide for them. This category includes those citizens who live off electoral bribes and can be bought off for two meatballs or a bucket. It includes those who are sunk in water down to their waist in some pub and are waiting for the state, the army, the fire brigade to save their assets … always relying on others, rather than themselves. These are, ultimately, the left’s impoverished masses of manoeuvre. They have to be pulled out from their miserable condition, weaned off state assistance, they have to be made impervious to electoral bribes and cured of the habit of always begging the state, that is, in the end, taxpayers, for help,” Baconschi stated, quoted by Mediafax.

The Foreign Minister further argues that the country can be saved only through the industrious Romanians’ hard work. “We need 20 years of hard work so we can really join the developed EU member states”. In his opinion, “even Social-Liberal Union backers have to gradually move towards freedom, responsibility and an ethics of work well-rewarded.”

“The age of the welfare state was chased away by the world crisis. So much the better for Romania,” Baconschi concluded.

Radu F. Alexandru suspends himself from the group of friendship with France

PDL Senator Radu F. Alexandru announced he will suspend himself from the group of friendship Romania-France, over the “media campaign” in France aimed at denigrating Romanians. “For some time, Romania and Romanians are targets to a revolting and intolerable treatment in France. I don’t make the mistake to accuse part of the French media, because it is obvious that what is going on today is only the reflection and translation of a political message into the most aggressive and vulgar gang language, used by several radio and TV channels. The postulate of the freedom of expression has nothing to do with the press campaign waged in a way that constantly infringes truth and the mandatory deontological norms,” reads a press statement issued by Radu F. Alexandru. The senator adds that he would have refrained from this decision if he heard at least one voice, one opinion to deplore and sanction the escalating actions against Romania. The decision comes in the wake of a humour radio show in France, whose hosts insinuated that Romanians learn French so they can beg. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) issued a firm protest and accused the hosts of xenophobia, while Minister Baconschi declared himself “offended.”

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