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September 20, 2021

Severe road accidents due to bad weather

Inclement weather has been instrumental to some tragic road accidents. Realitatea.net reports that four people died in an accident on DN1 in Sibiu County, after a car collided with a truck. The wet road was also the cause for accidents that killed two in the counties of Olt and Brasov. On DN1, a person died and four more were injured in a DN1 traffic accident between Codlea and Vladeni involving three cars. The driver accountable for the accident was among the dead. The injured were admitted to the Brasov County Hospital. In Olt County, a 20-year-old woman died and the driver sustained severe injuries after the car he was driving crashed into a lorry in the oncoming lane. Over-speeding, despite the rain, was the cause of the accident. “He didn’t adjust the speed while negotiating a right turn, crossed into the oncoming lane and hit a truck head-on,” said Cristian Badita, inspector Olt County Traffic Police.

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