Chinese art and craftsmanship at Peasant Museum

The exhibition “Art and craftsmanship in China – umbrellas, fans and embroideries” will run Oct 17-Nov 13 at the Irina Nicolau Hall of the Romanian Peasant Museum (MTR). A partnership with the People’s Republic of China  Embassy to Romania, the exhibition marks the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and the 62nd anniversary of Romanian-Chinese diplomatic relations. The exhibition will open Monday Oct 17, at 5.00 pm. Among the items on display are pliable fans, Hangzhou being famous for it. The fan sticks of Hangzhou fans made out of precious materials, including the well-known black paper, sandal wood and bone, are among the most beautiful works of art.

The umbrellas from Hangzhou, which combine the utility aspects with artistic value, have a special place in the Chinese popular art. The umbrella spokes are made of the finest bamboo so that, when close, this elegant umbrella looks like a bamboo. The umbrella roof is made out of paper, lace or silk.

Embroidery has long been one of the most important facets of popular arts and crafts in China. Although a craft practiced all over the country, the city of Suzhou in the Changsha province is where the most famous such craft comes from. Embroidery as a form of popular art bears the distinctive features of each locality where it was created.

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