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September 18, 2021

Lazaroiu: Defections from PNL, PSD and PC, Union will break

Ex-Labour Minister Sebastian Lazaroiu claims in an interview published yesterday in “Evenimentul Zilei” that fewer and fewer members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Conservative Party (PC) are confident the Social-Liberal Union (USL) will win over 50 pc of votes in the next elections, arguing that this will result in defections from these parties and will eventually break the Union apart. “USL stands for the past, it stands for the status quo, which is why I doubt it stands a chance to have too high a score (e.n. in next year’s elections) or even to stand together. As even some of its members understand this (e.n. that the USL stands for the past), sooner or later, these will defect,” Lazaroiu stated, quoted by evz.ro. As regards the emergence of the “New Republic” platform, initiated by Mihail Neamtu, an intellectual with ties to the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL), the former minister reiterated he backed this project, while not precluding the emergence of other such “centre-right areas which would bring enthusiasm and hope”. All these platforms, he argued, “will have to be joined under the same umbrella”. In his view, these shouldn’t launch parties, but ideas, “which they should test, so we can get a sense of how many people would back them”. In this context, Lazaroiu argued the idea of launching a new party on the political stage, which some PDL representatives are weighing, is an error: “A new party that would do what? This isn’t the idea: it’s not about having a new party. The idea is to set up a platform that would bring together as many people as possible, then, once this mass is created, it has to be directed towards a political party”.

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