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September 26, 2021

Crin Antonescu: If things go bad with USL, I agree to be the only one responsible

PNL leader Crin Antonescu told the Liberal local officials gathered in Brasov, on Friday, that he agreed to be the only responsible in the eventuality things ‘went bad’ in USL, but that he refused to be accused of making an undemocratic decision since all the fora of the party had voted for setting up the Union. ‘If things go bad, I will take sole responsibility. It’s not because I would be the only one responsible for that, but this is politics, this is democracy. I am taking that responsibility,’ said Antonescu, quoted by Mediafax. He stressed that all important decisions made by PNL so far had been adopted after consulting with all of the empowered for a of the party and he gave the example of the alliance with PDL as well as the choice to support Sorin Oprescu’s candidacy for mayor of Bucharest.

On the other hand, Antonescu noted that PNL would re-consider the negotiation with PC if they do not all pull in the same direction and if they do not stick to what has been already agreed. ‘I don’t like to bring up allocated positions. But when there are elements that keep coming in and things that are not already, I say it’s preferable to quarrel among ourselves first, knowing we can make up afterwards, than to miss the opportunity to do what needs to be done,’ said Antonescu. He mentioned that with PC he had had ‘the most respectful and friendliest relationship’ and that, although the Conservatives had demanded 10 seats of deputy and five of senator in negotiations taking place so far, he had offered PC founding president Dan Voiculescu the position of deputy speaker of the Senate, hinting that the Liberals were ‘generous’ with their colleagues in the Centre-Right Alliance (ACD).

Macovei, Preda, Voinescu, Liiceanu and Plesu, toughly criticised

The PNL president strongly criticised the Democrat-Liberals Monica Macovei, Cristian Preda and Sever Voinescu, whom he accused of teaching anti-communism lessons, define themselves as liberals or conservatives, and yet have failed to pin-point one single corrupt person in PDL. According to him, Monica Macovei is ‘a justice-maker and an integrity champion’, ‘sweating like a Benedictine monk’ on an integrity code to be enforced by Daniel Buda. Antonescu accused Cristian Preda of lacking the courage to say if it is a liberal thing, in a democratic state, for a party meeting to take place at the residence of the president of the country. Regarding Sever Voinescu, Antonescu said he calls himself a conservative, which he definitely is not.

Antonescu harshly attacked also those who, until recently., would be called Traian Basescu’s ‘intellectuals’ – Gabriel Liiceanu and Andrei Plesu, calling them ‘cowards’ who prefer to be ‘quiet as mice’ and ‘do not have the courage to protest to the most odious grossness the head of state commits against history’ (he referred to what Basescu had said on TV some time before about King Mihai’s abdication – editor’s note). ‘Because it’s easy to swear at Ponta. Actually, it’s a must-do. But it’s so much more difficult to swear at the master whom you have been looking for ever since Ceausescu was gone, but whom you’ve just found,’ said the PNL leader.

Plesu has answered Antonescu saying that, if he had just read the papers, he would have known that he had taken a public stance against President Basescu’s blunders to the point where ‘also publicly, the president moved to making threats’. ‘To read less than the president of our state is actually a record, but one on which I am not going to congratulate Mr. Antonescu. For the rest, we are dealing with an overwrought person who hasn’t quite learnt how to do his homework,’ Plesu said.

Eyeballing Saftoiu and Melescanu…

PNL members were not safe from Antonescu’s criticism either. The Liberal leader said he wasn’t sure he should be flattered by the fact that ex-presidential adviser Adriana Saftoiu thinks of him he is worse than Traian Basescu, as something told him that, somehow, she admires the ‘evilness’ of the president. Speaking of Mrs. Saftoiu – she knows Basescu well. Me, she knows less. I’m not sure I should be flattered or not. Something tells me she admires Basescu’s evilness,’ said the PNL leader, adding that  he had never bugged phones or ordered political criminal files, all the things the head of state is being accused of by the opposition. As for the statement made by ex-Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, in an interview with ‘Evenimentul Zilei’, according to whom, after 2012, ‘co-habitation with Traian Basescu would not be impossible’, Antonescucommented that Melescanu ‘has always been cohabitating with all sorts of people’.

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