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November 26, 2022

Third victim of car crash caused by Serban Huidu has died

According to the doctors, the TV producer stated he feels guilty for what happened. The first hypothesis that police officers are taking into account is that Huidu’s car skidded.

By    Daniela Baragan

The number of people that died in the car crashed caused by TV producer Serban Huidu yesterday morning has grown after the last occupant of the vehicle hit by Huidu’s car lost his life. The 57-year-old man had been hospitalized within the Brasov county hospital’s intensive care ward in an induced coma. The man had suffered multiple chest and head traumas and had internal haemorrhage. Although the man underwent several surgeries, the doctors were unable to save his life.

Serban Huidu, his wife and their two children’s nanny spent the night of Sunday to Monday in the same hospital. Although he underwent a CT scan that established his health is not at risk, the doctors decided to keep Huidu hospitalized overnight too in order to check whether the lesions he suffered in the skiing accident that took place in Austria in 2010 did not worsen.

Yesterday morning, only hours after the death of the third victim was announced, Serban Huidu asked to be transferred to a hospital in Bucharest, along with his wife and their children’s nanny. The information was confirmed by both Adrian Albota, medical director of the Brasov County Hospital (SJB), and the Supreme Court’s prosecutor’s office. The three patients underwent new medical investigations to ascertain whether they can be “safely” transferred to Bucharest. According to Albota, Huidu’s wife suffered a chest concussion and she may have a hand fracture. The children’s nanny is in a more serious condition, having a head trauma, a cervical spine concussion, a chest concussion and a knee trauma. Both women were nevertheless allowed to be transferred to Bucharest.

In what concerns Serban Huidu, Albota stated that the TV producer, his wife and their children’s nanny were heard yesterday by police officers within the hospital rooms they were in.

The information was confirmed by first-prosecutor Carmina Reit too, however she refused to give any details about what Huidu told police. “He was heard today (yesterday – editor’s note) and he will surely be heard again as the investigations proceed,” Reit stated. Eight persons that were in traffic at the time of the crash were also heard on Sunday.

Prosecutor: Huidu risks eight years in jail

Prosecutors claim that this is not a case of premeditated murder so detaining him is out of the question for now. According to Carmina Reit, Huidu is investigated for involuntary manslaughter and risks a jail sentence of one to eight years. She added that considering the speculations concerning Huidu’s medical problems (the TV producer suffered a skiing accident in Austria last year, an accident in which he was seriously injured – editor’s note), investigators will check whether he had the right to drive. “In that sense, we will verify all medical documents, including the way in which they were issued,” the prosecutor stated.

Traffic police: 14 sanctions, driver’s license suspended twice

Although overtaking is not allowed on the section of the road on which the car crash took place, the speed limit there being 30 kilometres per hour, and the TV producer was driving a Mercedes SUV (a car considered to be very stable – editor’s note), the police officer’s first hypothesis is that Huidu’s car skidded and entered the opposite lane where it collided “somewhat head-on” with the other car. According to Traffic Police sources quoted by jurnalul.ro, it seems Huidu himself stated that his car skidded the moment he entered the curve, and when he tried to redress it he entered the opposite lane where the impact took place. At the same time, the aforementioned source said that the SUV that Huidu was driving had no winter-weather tires. Illegal overtaking and failure to adapt the car’s speed to road conditions (wet road, sleet – editor’s note) is only the second hypothesis. According to Head of Traffic Police Lucian Dinita, other hypotheses are “cutting a curve” and the car’s technical condition. He also pointed out that “the medical part is relevant too, but this is not the Traffic Police’s area of expertise.”

On the other hand, Police representatives claim that Serban Huidu’s record as a driver includes 14 sanctions. Huidu’s driver’s license was suspended twice – in 2005 for ignoring the red light and in 2009 for illegal overtaking. The most recent sanction was received in August when he was caught breaking the speed limit by around 50 kilometres per hour in the same area in which the deadly crash took place on Sunday.

Witness: Huidu was speeding at more than 100 km/h

According to a witness of the accident caused by Serban Huidu on Sunday, quoted by Realitatea.net, the SUV driven by the TV showman was running at high speed, which he estimated at more than 100 km/h. “I was in the yard. I don’t know what time it was, between 10:30 and 11. Huidu was coming from Predeal. He was running at such a speed that the wheels were screeching. (…) He was speeding at more than 100 km/h. He did not try to overtake. (…) He jumped lanes and crossed the centerline. He frontally rammed at full speed the Logan that was coming near the centerline, which overturned twice,” the witness said. According to the man, Huidu came out of his car unharmed. “He complained of a mild pain in his chest. He extracted his children, wife and the nanny from the vehicle. He stood and watched the Logan, his car, and then sat on the kerb in front of a restaurant. A girl working there asked him: <<Are you hurt, do you want a glass of water, a pain killer, anything?>> He then walked around his car three or four times, looked at his car and at the Logan, while repeating <<My car, my car>>” added the source.

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