Voiculescu wants to send Boc and Ialomitianu to prison

Dan Voiculescu and the Facias NGO yesterday filed with the General Prosecutor’s Office criminal complaints against Premier Emil Boc and Public Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu for neglecting their duties, because they did not send the draft budget to the Parliament by October 15. “The Law of Public Finance, 500/2002 compels the Government to submit the draft state budget to the Parliament until October 15. The government did not observe this deadline set by law, thus preventing the start of debates in the specialised committees of the Parliament,” reads a press release issued by Voiculescu, quoted by Realitatea.net. “If we accept to hastily adopt the draft budget under the pressure of the Government, the results will be catastrophic, as always. We must learn how to defend our rights and force the government to observe its legal obligations,” the PC senator concluded.

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