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June 13, 2021

Fresh bout of discontent in PDL

Senators complained to the prime-minister about the poor performance of the National Standing Bureau.

The Democrat Liberal Party (PDL)’s old guard voiced, once again, its disgruntlement with the present leadership and the leaders recently promoted at central level. For the first time since the National Convention, the prime-minister Emil Boc was summoned on Monday evening by the Democrat-Liberal senators to address problems within the party.

Thus, during the meeting which went on well after midnight, the ex-heavyweight leaders Vasile Blaga and Radu Berceanu called the premier to task because their ideas and expectations are no longer taken into consideration, while the other senators complained that the current National Standing Bureau (BPN) is the poorest the party has ever had.

“You did not see me on TV attacking the party. Nowadays we see Sever Voinescu, Teodor Baconschi and Monica Macovei discussing the party. Why is it that core members are not consulted as well when drawing up the campaign strategies? These are needed as well, alongside the analysts,” Blaga told Boc, according to online sources quoted by the online daily “Gandul”. The MPs also criticized Valeriu Stoica, one of the initiators of the People’s Movement, calling on PM Boc to restrain the party’s “ideological strategist”: “Valeriu Stoica should maintain the party line and should abide by the inner party decisions,” “Gandul” further reports. In turn, the PDL Dolj president Radu Berceanu complained to the prime-minister about his disagreements with his successor at the helm of the Transport Ministry, Anca Boagiu. “Anca interferes in the local organization. It is not fair that she should try to replace directors who also hold offices within the party,” Berceanu argued, according to participants in the talks. Anca Boagiu, minister and senator, was due to attend the meeting as well, but did not, which only added to the senators’ disgruntlement.

PDL senators also complained that some BPN members speak on behalf of the party, but launch fanciful ideas, stirring confusion within the party. Some senators reported problems in the local organizations, while others voiced their dissatisfaction with the party leaders and the party’s “performance” on the political stage.

According to the aforementioned sources, PM Boc vowed he would pay close attention to solving these problems, but warned the senators, in turn, calling on them to attend assembly meetings and to ensure the passing of important laws.

Macovei wants to launch new party

On the other hand, representatives of the new wing in PDL are pleading for a “rebranding” of the party and some go as far as speaking of a new party. The MEP and deputy president of PDL Monica Macovei stated, in an interview to Cristian Patrascoiu, included in the volume “The Right’s New School of Thought”, that she was considering a new party. When asked whether she could and would set up a new party, Macovei replied: “I would like to set up a new party. We need a new party. I don’t know if I can, however, taking into consideration the practical aspects of founding a political party (…) From talks I have had, many of the people favourable to this idea said they would work gladly for it, as volunteers. I don’t think a party can start up like this, but the idea lingers and I am pondering on it.”

Macovei was also toying with the idea last year. “One option is to change one of the existing parties, as far as I’m concerned PDL, so radically that people will think it stands for anti-corruption, integrity, a fair distribution of public money and less dishonesty, the second option is founding another party,” Macovei stated, at the time, in an interview to HotNews.

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