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April 14, 2021

CSM notifies Judicial Inspectorate over DNA head statements

Tuesday’s plenum session of the Superior Council of Magistracy by a majority vote decided to notify the Judicial Inspectorate over statements made by Daniel Morar, head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, during a national television interview. According to HotNews.ro, CSM member judges unanimously voted in favour of the decision following a relevant request by Mircea Aron, a judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice <Romania’s Supreme Court>, while CSM member prosecutors voted against.

In an interview during the ‘Prim Plan’ programme on Romanian public television, Morar make several references to the ICCJ. A few days ago, the Directorial College of the ICCJ voiced its “indignation” over the statements made by the DNA chief prosecutor on the “fairness of judicial decisions and the professionalism of the supreme court judges, although his position should not give him the right to pass such judgments.” Daniel Morar’s statements were also condemned by the Romanian Magistrates’ Association led by Mona Pivniceru, who also conveyed a request to the CSM.

In the interview concerned, Daniel Morar criticised ICCJ judges for their “lacking discernment” in accepting defendant applications, which leads to case files dragging on. The DNA head criticised the magistrates who have been passed final verdicts for corruption or encroaching on their judicial duties continuing to benefit from special pensions. He also denounced what he called the judges’ “lack of professionalism”, which he admitted as one of the reasons for late rulings or long overdue cases still pending in courts.

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