President Traian Basescu wins suit against Dinu Patriciu

The District 1 Court pronounced a ruling favourable to Traian Basescu in the suit filed by the latter against Dinu Patriciu, requesting damages of RON 1 for “lying and the use of doctored footage”, after the release of a video which seemed to show the president in the act of striking a child during a 2004 electoral rally, Mediafax reports. The District 1 Court allowed yesterday the head of state’s suit, ruling that Dinu Patriciu should pay RON 0.5-damages and that the decision should be published in two papers with a nationwide circulation, in two consecutive issues. The ruling can be appealed against at the Bucharest Court. The daily “Gardianul” released on November 26, 2009, a video in which president Traian Basescu seemed to strike a child during a 2004 electoral rally. In turn, the businessman Dinu Patriciu sued the president Traian Basescu, requesting, in another suit filed at the District 1 Court, EUR 1-damages.

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