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January 27, 2023

“White Nights of the Accordion” International Festival

The sixth edition of the “Emy Dragoi” White Nights of the Accordion International Festival takes place this weekend. The event, to be held in Ploiesti and Bucharest, is organized by the accordionist Emy Dragoi and the European Art and Music Cultural Centre bearing his name, in partnership with the “Tinerimea Romana” National Art Centre and in collaboration with the French Cultural Institute and Prom’Art Creative. The opening gala will take place on Friday, October 21, in Ploiesti.

Venue: Tinerimea Romana, Bucharest

Address: 19, Johann Gutenberg Street


7.30 to 8pm – Maria Selezneva (Russia) – Russian and classical repertoire

8.15 – 8.45 – Duo Romeo Aichino & Andrea Morandini (Italy) – Italian folklore

9 -10pm – Duo Roman Jbanov & Anna Jbanova (Russia)

10-12pm – Accordion by midnight: Romanian White Nights (foyer)


7 to 8pm – Maryll Abbas (France) – traditional music

8-8.45 – William Sabatier (Argentina) – tango

9-10pm – Emy Dragoi – Jazz Hot Club Romania & guests (AcordeonJazz)

10-12pm – Accordion by midnight: Argentinean Tango and Jazz White Night – meeting in the foyer featuring Emy Dragoi, William Sabatier, Maryll Abbas and the Tangotangent dance ensemble.

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