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May 16, 2022

Opposition accuses PDL of collecting CNPs in census to steal votes

Social-Democrat Adrian Nastase says that, based on the now famous shuttle system, ‘PDL sets the record of inventing a new way to defraud elections, the CNP method’.

By    Daniela Baragan

The 2011 census is already yielding accusations of electoral fraud. Former PM Adrian Nastase (PSD) accuses the Democrat-Liberals of planning a new election fraud method when they introduced the obligation of census operators to collect people’s personal numeric codes (CNP). ‘After the allocation of public funds on political criteria, after the adoption of the law on the election of mayors in a single round of election, after the intention to hold local and parliamentary elections simultaneously or after the distance voting crazy idea, the Basescu regime is dropping a new time bomb set to go off before the 2012 elections’, the former PM states on his blog. According to Nastase, the obligation to disclose your CNP is ‘an outrageous measure that virtually cancels the privacy of personal data and gives PDL a massive group of potential voters perfect to be used in election’. ‘After the now famous shuttle system, PDL now sets the record of inventing a new way to defraud elections, the CNP or, I would say, the PDL method. A possible failure of the 1 M votes scam from Mr. Baconschi’s lost letters could be easily offset by the 2 M votes PDL scam for Zeus’ peace of mind,’ Nastase also says. In the context, he is advising people not to disclose such personal data to the census takers in order to protect themselves against the risk of having their identity stolen, even if they are facing fines. The Social-Democrat actually stressed that European census rules do not require the collection of data pertaining to the identity of the people. As a matter of fact, Nastase says the argument of unique indicators for avoiding double counting ‘doesn’t stand either’, all the more so as a minor problem – double count – is being counteracted by a highly risky measure, endangering the security of personal data. ‘It is not the EU That requires us to do a census with CNPs, but PDL’s fear of losing power and the natural inclination to come up with new methods to steal people’s identities and cheat on democracy’, is Nastase’s conclusion. His opinion is also embraced by his party colleague, Dan Sova, who says that, by making people disclose their CNPs, the authorities actually want to identify ‘people who will almost certainly not go to the polls and replace them by others’. ‘That applies to both Romania and abroad‘. If you have distance voting and CNP, you will vote either you like it or not’, said the PSD senator, according to realitatea.net. In the context, he is also advising people ‘to think twice’ before giving their CNP to the census operators.

150 census takers pull out in Constanta

The first census day started on the wrong foot in Constanta, where 150 enumerators pulled out yesterday morning, unhappy with the money they were going to cash for their work and with the cumbersome questionnaire filling in procedures. Rea­litatea.net says census takers will receive RON 50 per day – taxable, and coordinators RON 55 per day, also taxable. The census takers say the sum s too low for the volume of work. In addition, among them there are many retired people who realised that they may lose their pension if they receive the census payment. The Constanta County Statistics Department head, Enache Busu, says the vacancies were immediately filled by people on the back-up lists. Before Wednesday, other 350 census takers had withdrawn for the same reasons in the same county. PM Emil Boc has also responded to the situation created by the Constanta census ‘desertions’ and said, during a visit to Arad, that the Government would look into it and decide accordingly. The 2011 people and housing census will take place nationwide, from October 20 to 31.

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