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October 2, 2022

District 5 Mayor ‘to give 10,000 cell phones’ to Bucharesters

PSD Vice President and District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie stated last week for ‘Gandul’ daily that, in preparation for the electoral campaign, 10,000 cell phones will be distributed to Bucharesters so that the latter will be able to signal the administrative problems they are facing, Mediafax informs. “It’s not electoral bribe. The person that receives the cell phone won’t use it for personal interest. If something happens in the area he is responsible for, if there are problems with the electricity supply, with the water supply, he will call to inform the party and we will try to solve the problem. We have to know what problems each of them is facing so we could help them,” the Social-Democrat stated for ‘Gandul.’ Asked whether the decision was taken within PSD, Vanghelie answered: “No it wasn’t, that never happened. (…) We haven’t discussed this within the party; it has nothing to do with the party. I don’t believe anyone can reproach me for wanting to communicate with the presidents of apartment blocs. (…) I give them the possibility to communicate faster the problems they are facing, without them having to pay.” Asked whether this action has an electoral purpose, Vanghelie answered:

“Even breathing is an electoral issue in my case. Everything is electoral. Any normal politician is in a permanent elections campaign. I’ve been in an elections campaign for 17 years and I’ll be in one for another 25.”

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