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April 19, 2021

INS: Disclosing CNP during census, not compulsory

Nearly 5.5M Romanians were registered in the first three days of the census.

By    Daniela Baragan

It is not compulsory to disclose the Numerical Personal Code (CNP) during the census and citizens who refuse to do so can be registered nonetheless. The announcement was made by the spokesman for the National Institute of Statistics (INS), Vladimir Alexandrescu. The latter further stated on Saturday, during a press conference on the results of the census in the first two days (e.n. Thursday and Friday), that people who refuse to disclose the CNP are not liable to be fined, as was initially rumoured. In this context, the spokesman for INS added no fines had been dealt as yet. Indeed, he underlined that fines were an “ultimatum” measure, which authorities would resort to only in the event of explicit and repeated refusals by citizens to fill in the forms. “This isn’t our object. People have generally been cooperative, no censor suffered abuse, no such events were reported,” Vladimir Alexandrescu stated, quoted by Mediafax. When asked how the census had proceeded in the Roma communities, the INS official replied that, beyond the usual reluctance in allowing the censors in, things went on “very smoothly, indeed, better than in other areas”, explaining that, as far as he knew, there were cases in which the Roma citizens “queued” to be registered.

We remind our readers that Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives called repeatedly on the population, at the end of last week, not to disclose their CNP during the census, arguing this was “an outrageous measure”, which puts personal information security at risk. Furthermore, the opposition accused the ruling party of attempting to rig next year’s elections by this “method”.

According to figures supplied by INS, approx. 5.5M Romanians were registered in the first three days of the census. Thus, the census proceeded most effectively in Covasna County, where data from 31.3 pc of the households estimated to make up the county’s population were registered in the first three days.

At the other end of the spectrum we find the Capital, where a mere 18.14 pc of the estimated number of households were registered in the first three days. The situation is less than encouraging in counties Constanta, Ilfov, Teleorman and Timis as well, with registration ratios ranging between 21.36 and 24.35 pc.

The census of the population and households will continue until October 31 and the preliminary results will be released by the end of January 2012, at the latest.

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