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May 15, 2021

Porsche Inter Auto will fare even better next year

Interview with Dana Cortina, General Manager Porsche Inter Auto.

Considering this year’s sales, do you think next year will be better for auto importers?

I think that, next year too, people will tend to treat new acquisitions with caution. And this does not go only for the auto segment. It is rather difficult to achieve an expansion of consumption when the economic situation does not change for the better – at both country and European scale. On the other hand, given the things achieved this year by Porsche Inter Auto, I think we will once again have results that will exceed this year’s figures. We offer customers some of the most important brands of automobiles and commercial vehicles on the market, which cover a very large price interval and a very wide range of models. Plus, our company has top specialists and post-sales services, which means a lot for the Romanian customer.

Why do you think that more expensive automobiles, such as luxury ones, sold better?

One of the main reasons why luxury brands were not affected to the same extent as the rest of the market is that they target a completely different segment of customers, which set new trends to the fields they operate in. Furthermore, we speak of automobiles that have the status of symbols for both the auto world and society in general, so their value has a different dynamic in time. The models of these brands give a social status, or at least complete their owner’s image, but they can also represent a very good investment, especially for car enthusiasts.

Which of the models on display in PIA showrooms do you think suits you best?

– …It is hard to choose from so many models. Plus, each of the brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group has its spirit… from Beetle to Amarock… from A1 to Q3, there are many choices and as many reasons to make these choices. If I stopped, for instance, at the Audi brand, I like very much the Audi A7, in which elegance meets state-of-the-art technology. If you want to feel the complete pleasure of driving a long way, this is the model which, when you get behind the wheel, elegantly dressed for a beautiful evening, for a show or a special event, makes you feel, at least for several moments, like you are… spoiled by the gods! The new Beetle, too, can bring joy to anyone’s face, even though this year did not give us too many reasons to rejoice, in general. And the list may continue, because – as I said – we have many brands with extraordinary models in our portfolio.

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Both Romania and Austria used all their influence to make the systematic promotion of this region the goal of the whole EU. The EU’s Danube Strategy aims to improve transport, to combat crime, to react to demographic change, to foster cultural dialogue and tourism, to protect cultural values and much more. Now the swift implementation of the strategy is on our agenda.Since the EU accession of Bulgaria and Romania the EU has bordered to the Black Sea. In the Black Sea region, Austrian companies have by now invested 14 Billion Euros. In 2010, Austria’s exports into the region went up by 33%. In June 2010, Vienna hosted a Regional Conference of the World Economic Forum on Eastern Europe and Central Asia which united 13 Heads of State or Government and 500 business people. The Black Sea region also plays a role in the European energy supply.
The EU is strongly interested in resolving political problem issues and to overcome tensions in the region. In September, an international conference with participants from religious and civil societies from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia discussed methods of conflict resolution.
So to sum up, with regard to top priority areas of Austria’s foreign policy we see Romania playing a very active role as a strong partner and a likeminded country.”

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