Liviu Popa: Foreign officials deem Romania one of the safest countries in Europe

According to the chief of the Romanian Police, this is due mainly to the institutions operating under the Interior Ministry’s authority.

The Romanian Police’s in­spector-general, Chief Liviu Popa, claims foreign officials deem Romania one of the safest countries in Europe and this is largely due to the bodies operating under the authority of the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, more explicitly, the Police, the Gendarmerie and the Border Police. “We are fond of inducing the notion that Romania is an unsafe country, a shady country. The results of the Brussels autumn Euro-poll were released and Romania is ranked as the safest country in this part of Europe and one of the safest across Europe,” the inspector Liviu Popa stated yesterday during a press conference in Constanta, Mediafax reports. He added that maps showing the distribution of underworld gangs across the country (e.n. a hint at maps recently published in the central press after the killings in Neamt, Craiova and Giurgiu) are easily drawn up, but argued that police operations are stronger than these groups. “You will see results soon enough,” Popa further stated, arguing that the police is an institution that is “very much alive, abreast of the underworld phenomenon in Romania”, capable “to ensure citizens’ protection by its deployment of staff, logistics and other resources”. Furthermore, he stated, according to the Romanian Police report for the first nine months of the year, law-enforcers did their job and positive results were reported in several areas. “This is the first time crime rate in the streets has seen a reduction, a slight one, but the first reduction in the past five years, nonetheless. (…) I assure you we’ve reported very good results, on the number of criminals arrested, the number of organized crime groups dismantled, the value of damages recovered and the number of investigations into organized groups involved in illegal economic activities, we’ve carried out a number of activities and, I assure you, to very good results,” the chief of the Romanian Police concluded.

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