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January 23, 2022

Serghei Gorbunov, sentenced to 16 years in prison

Alba Iulia Court of Appeal sentenced Moldovan citizen Sergey Gorbunov to 16 years in prison for a robbery he committed against an exchange office owner in Deva, Mediafax reports. The convict will be expelled from Romania after he serves his sentence. Alba Iulia Court of Appeal spokesman Cosmin Muntean said Sergey Gorbunov was also ordered to pay RON 50,000 in material damages and RON 6,000 moral damages to the Deva exchange office owner whom he robbed of RON 65,000 back in 2003. Gorbunov is also a suspect in the armed attack on a Brasov exchange office on January 29, 2009, where two people were killed.

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